Doesn’t matter that I’ve put on comfort weight and am now officially chubby again… Because WE DAMN CUTE! :)

Made a new friend!  Social 1UP!

Le Smudgefish selfy-of-the-month!

A lovely hungover day, getting my hair done, when a wild sprinkler attacked!!

My minimalistic halloween costume!

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Well I got a haircut, not that you can really tell as I tend to have skill in hiding how shamefully long my hair gets when a photo is taken of me. I’m looking a little windswept here as i’m walking from the hairdressers, and Angie requested I take a photo.

Loooong week of work, doing freakishly hectic days. But it’s nearly over! This was me, absolutely dead, on the bus home. (which I felt required documentation).

I like this photo because I think i inadvertently look pretty rock-star, despite the fact that i’m just casually chatting before using a gigantic flying-fox.  

It’s rather awkward when someone finds their lost camera, and along with it long-lost photos of you drunk at a goth nightclub…

This is a photo of me with my sibling and cousins. My mum and her sister are identical twins, so one day we realised that because our mums have the exact same DNA our cousins are genetically our half siblings!  It’s a bit of a mind-fuck to look at my cousins and say “you are what it’d look like if my mum had kids with another guy”.  For those who don’t know me, can you figure out who is my actual sibling in this photo?

This vest is one of my most favourite pieces of clothing, but unfortunately the time has come for it to be washed.  It’s dry clean only, but the dry cleaning place say that the buckles might get caught and ruin the vest… but there’s no other way to clean it!  I’m picking the vest up tomorrow, hope the little guy survives…

Me, in bed at 1am, trying to figure this whole tumblr thing out…

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