Doesn’t matter that I’ve put on comfort weight and am now officially chubby again… Because WE DAMN CUTE! :)

A fish bicycle. Because Canberra is one hundred years old.

Bought my first takeaway coffee today. Feels weird actually paying for the stuff I make for free at work. But I needed my coffee fix! *one more milestone to becoming an adult*

Loooong week of work, doing freakishly hectic days. But it’s nearly over! This was me, absolutely dead, on the bus home. (which I felt required documentation).

Saw Missy Higgins at The Playhouse last Thursday.  She was very good, along with her support act Butterfly Boucher (who’s CD I ended up buying).  Also ran into some friends during the interval which was cool :)

Had my caricature done by the artist at belco mall as part of that Samsung Galaxy promo thingy.  I was smiling a lot… may have been a bit tipsy, haha.  Does it look like me? :)

Don’t want to lose your dog?  Tie it to a bigger dog!

Haha the things you see when walking through civic :)

I like this photo because I think i inadvertently look pretty rock-star, despite the fact that i’m just casually chatting before using a gigantic flying-fox.  

It’s rather awkward when someone finds their lost camera, and along with it long-lost photos of you drunk at a goth nightclub…

Good Morning (from ‘Fragments’ series)

I woke up with no memory.  The half-eaten McDonalds next to me was covered with ants. I used the $8 I had left over to buy a bus ticket and two chocolate roses.  See, I didn’t forget our anniversary.

Our Last Kiss (from ‘Fragments’ series)

"Your long nose… the way your hair always stays black… argh you’re just perfect!"

The Bike Racks (from ‘Fragments’ series)

We left it there to go to the movies… …I haven’t rode a bike since.

After School (from ‘Fragments’ series)

"I call it SBS; Sweaty Brow Syndrome.  Also, why are you wearing two pairs of underwear?"

Just Out Of Sight (from ‘Fragments’ series)

We would always be drunk by midday. There were three of us in that relationship. I don’t know how our parents didn’t notice so much go missing.