Favourite childhood movie

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Turning off anon messages temporarily due to some weird non-sensical asks. (Haha! It auto corrected to “non-sensual asks”. Yes, please try to make asks as sensual as possible ;) )

you a such a freak, you are obliviously talking to natalie on her blog. leave her alone you have a girlfriend

I didn’t even know Nat had a blog, I haven’t talked to her in years… Man I was 17 in that relationship, leave it alone.

Standing in the bathroom singing a one-man version of Les Miserables. Camilla finally decided to put an end to it just after the prologue. Apparently “if I don’t stop you now you’ll sing the entire musical”. Deep down I think she is just questioning my sexuality.

Doesn’t matter that I’ve put on comfort weight and am now officially chubby again… Because WE DAMN CUTE! :)

Grandma blowing out the candles on her 90th Birthday Cake!

Sleepy Alex on the way home from sydney :(

Made a new friend!  Social 1UP!

A fish bicycle. Because Canberra is one hundred years old.

Hi ^-^ I'm Laura! You should add me on Facebook :o If you have one! Hehe ^^

Search for smudgefish on Facebook aNd you should be able to find me :)


Nipples indeed. What about them? Ha