Early birthday dinner :)

Attempted baking eggs with chipotle sauce. #TooMuchFreeTime

Loving my new little cable dots. #OCD #VisualStandards #bluelounge #CableDropMini #fruitylife

Always spend too much money here. Cheese, olives, bread, truffle olive oil, salami, chipotle sauce, za’atar, chilli garlic jeera, and driving off to get a bottle of wine. It’s gonna be a yummy afternoon!

Finally my weekend! An attempt at an Old Fashioned, and a movie :) #casually

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It’s gonna be a good day :) #cutecoffee

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Really starting to enjoy collecting restaurant cards #hipster

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Millie bought a vacuum.

Discussing whether this is a natural colour for a mint sauce… Either way, curry tonight!

Watching The Witches on iTunes. #Nostalgia

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Woop! In Chrome, taking Rhiannon’s C-Plates! (Clubbing plates that is). #hilarious

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Little cups make me feel extra big! #inflatedego

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This internet jacket is slightly too big… But I don’t feel like I paid enough to warrant paying all over again to have it altered… Opinions? #MorningPonderings